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One Spacer 58"x4"

$ 57.95 USD

 S/H Included


58"x4"Two Spacers

$ 119.44 USD

 S/H Included


58"x6"One Spacer

$ 69.95 USD

 S/H Included


58"x6"Two Spacers

$ 129.38 USD

 S/H Included


58"x8"One Spacer

$ 72.02 USD

S/H Included


58"x8"Two Spacers

$ 144.58 USD

S/H Included


Our spacers are easy to install and simply attach to the end post with two 5/16"x 2 1/2" U-bolts which are included with each spacer. The Spacers are also designed for left handed and right handed installation. The spacer can be easily removed for siding or other structure renovations or simply loosened and swung to one side or temporarily removed for repair access. If home repairs were to be done and the end posts were installed tight against the structure, the fence post would required to be taken up, not only would this add additional costs for the repairs but would render the fence unsecured.

Our Smaller Spacer are on the next page.46''x4''to 46''x12'' for the 4ft fence.

Color coated spacer are available in gray,black, green and other colors you may need . For more information call 1-601-766-3619 or email

70''x10''One Spacer S/H Included

$ 105.37 USD


70''x10''Two Spacers S/H Included

$ 189.25 USD


70''x12''One Spacer S/H Included

$ 116.32 USD


70''x12''Two Spacer S/H Included

$ 213.51 USD

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70"x4"One Spacer S/H included

$ 73.45 USD


70''x4''Two Spacers S/H included

$ 122.43 USD


70''x6''One Spacer S/H Included

$ 82.27 USD


70''x6''Two Spacers S/H Icluded

$ 141.79 USD


70''x8''One Spacer S/H Included

$ 94.25 USD


70''x8''Two Spacers S/H Included

$ 164.91 USD